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Machining & Design

Bespoke lifting solutions designed and manufactured to your specifications

Red Rooster Lifting has a wide range of standard equipment designed and manufactured in house. Over the years we have manufactured many customised designs to meet special requirements, many of which we can now offer to our customers. With our inventor software we can design and check the integrity of the unit before going into manufacture, eliminating costly re-designs. We are continually upgrading and re-designing our equipment to meet customer requirements, national standards and safety.

Over the last 30 years we have continually striven to invest in the most up to date and state of the art milling and turning machines. We machine all the components for our stock requirements and the special units that make up a large part of our sales. Our computer controlled machines and highly skilled operators allow us to work to tight tolerances and produce a consistently high standard of quality equipment.
The company production processes are well defined and follow the equipment through manufacture, assembly, testing and final inspection with engineers and inspectors checking all items to ensure the quality of our products.

New product development has always been an important part of Red Rooster Lifting, this can be our own ideas, customer requirements or from changes in legislation. All new designs go through the same intensive design and testing program before going into manufacture.

We manufacture a diverse range of products such as various types of load cells, hoists, trolleys, winches, swing jib cranes, overhead cranes and everything in between which you will find in our brochures.

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