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At Red Rooster Lifting we aim to offer you, the customer, the equipment you need when you need it. Our experienced staff will help advise you with your equipment needs and will quickly confirm price and availability.

From our stock of over 400 hoists, winches, load cells and other lifting solutions we can offer something to meet your requirements. A large part of our rental hoists and trolleys are between 10 tonne to 50 tonne.

Our rental rates reflect the duration, the quantity of equipment and specification required. From our head office in Aberdeen and depot in West Bromwich, we can supply our range of equipment worldwide at the most competitive rates possible.


  • Rental from a company you can trust
  • Fast availability of large quantities and capacities of equipment
  • Delivered to your site on the day agreed ready for use
  • Competitive rates, structured to take into account the rental duration
  • Leave plant maintenance to the specialists (allowing you to concentrate on your business)
  • Avoid capital outlay, pay for only what you use and spread out-goings throughout the rental
  • Technical support: free evaluation of your requirements
  • On-site assistance
  • Equipment can be tailored to solve your specific needs
  • Rent equipment with the purchase option on request
  • Fully certified equipment supplied with the necessary certification and rental manual
  • Operators can be supplied along with the equipment


By including only Red Rooster Lifting products on our rental fleet we have both the in-house expertise and spare parts available to maintain our equipment rental fleet to the highest standard. We carry in excess of £250,000 of spare parts for air hoists alone.

On completion of every rental, the equipment is inspected, dismantled, refurbished and function tested prior to return to store. For every rental, the equipment is prepared as per the customer’s specification and then tested again before dispatch.

We always endeavor to meet the required delivery ‘no matter how challenging’. Technical support is always available. In the unlikely event of a problem, advice, spares, service or a replacement unit is available at short notice.


The full range of Red Rooster Lifting standard air hoists, trolleys and low headroom units found in our catalogue are available for rent from 250 kg to 50 tonne. We have chains available to give up to 100m height of lift on the smaller models and 50m on the 35 tonne and 50 tonne hoists, but we can supply longer heights of lift for special orders. We can supply cord control units or pendant control with a mains emergency stop. At present we have over 400 hoists fitted with the required safety features such as upper and lower limits, emergency stops and load limiters. We also supply chain collectors for most heights of lift, hose support brackets, ATEX units, air pigs and air hoses.


Our rental trolleys are to suit capacities from 250 kg to 50 tonne, can fit a wide range of beam sizes, different speeds and can be either standard or ATEX units. We also have a range of low headroom trolleys.

Other items available for rental include:

  • Load measuring equipment
  • Large capacity KITO manual chain blocks
  • Ultra low headroom hoists
  • Spooling winches

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