This diver launch and recovery system is used for offshore diving applications. The maximum lowering capacity is 90 metres so it can be used for offshore platform diving operations as well. It consists of an A-frame with 2 approved man riding winches and a redundant electrically driven hydraulic power unit. All fit a 20” standard size container; even 2 of DLR-1250 will fit in one 20” container. One winch is used to lift and lower the dive bell, while the other for the clump weight; a third optional winch can be used as a utility/tool winch. The function of the clump weight is to keep the dive bell straight and steady under water. In case of an emergency or breakdown of the wet bell winch, the clump weight winch will be able to lift the dive bell and clump weight together.

Designed to fulfill the requirements of Lloyds and it also meets the UK HSE regulations for personnel lifting operations on offshore installations. The winches and A-frame are especially made for personnel lifting suitable for diving operations and offered with a Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) Design Appraisal Certificate and full material traceability. They have passed EC testing for these applications, i.e., both the winches and their technical files are in compliance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directives. The DLR-1250 model also complies with IMCA regulations and comes with an ATEX certificate.

  • Compact diver launch and recovery system with minimal deck space usage
  • Suitable for Sea state 2-3
  • Easily rigged and set up
  • Main diving bell winch OHR 1.5, WLL 1250 kg @ 40 m/min
  • Clump weight winch OHR 1.5, WLL 1250 kg @ 40 m/min
  • Limit switches for upper limit
  • Double fail-safe braking on both winches
  • Lifting height (lowering depth) 90 metres
  • Utility winch 500 kg @ 25 m/min. (optional)
  • Fleet angle compensators for winches
  • Power supply: 380-460 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Hydraulic cylinders for deploying the A-frame (optional)
  • Forklift pockets for easy handling
  • Container sockets for easy fastening
  • Welding brackets for deck mounting
  • Readout unit of paid-out wire rope
  • HPU Eexd ATEX,100 l/min. @ 180 bar, redundant pump system and cross-over manifold and quick release connections
  • Hydraulic proportional valves for winches and A- frame operation
  • Operating conditions –20°C to 50°C
  • Full material traceability (3.1 – EN 10204) on load-bearing parts
  • Easy transportation because it fi ts a standard 20” container size Fitted with twist-free wire ropes with high (10x) safety factors
  • IMCA and Lloyds compliant
  • Flood light, Eexd
  • Standard open basket with bottle mounting bracket, fall-out prevention, pay load 650 kg
  • Clump weight: 400 kg
  • Dimensions; operational 2976 x 2502 x 4017 mm, collapsed 4558 x 2178 x 1111 mm
  • Weight excl. HPU; 2750 kg.