As an Environmentally conscious organisation Red Rooster Lifting acknowledge the potential environmental impact that our operations may have on the environment. From the Carbon emissions assessment carried out on our operations we have a clear starting point to meet our low carbon objectives.

The start:

  • Solar panels now supply a good percentage of our electric and are making a noticeable difference to the electrical energy we consume in a year.
  • Our mains electricity is produced from a mixture of 76% Renewables and 24% Nuclear, so no CO2 emissions are created in the production of our electricity.
  • 80% of our lighting is now LED with the final 20% being completed by the end of November 2021.
  • Company cars are being exchanged for PHEV or full electric models.
  • International travel has stopped over the last year, but we will not return to the levels of the past, using other forms of communication instead.
  • We will use the latest technology in the design and the efficient production of our equipment, so cutting costs and a reduction in waste.

There are many challenges in reducing our carbon footprint, but we will continue to monitor and where possible reduce our emissions. As technology moves forward this will give real alternatives to the current fossil fuels and keep to our carbon reduction targets.

Red Rooster Lifting manufacture and supply a range of powered equipment lifting equipment that is robust and designed for a prolonged service life, with spares easily available and can be recycled with no special requirements. 

By minimising our carbon footprint, we reduce our energy costs, increase efficiency, support customers low carbon goals, find new markets and play our part in saving the planet.

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